The company - Facilities

In C.G. Ramirez have modern and renovated facilities fully adapted to chicken products we produce. We assure them that the product reaches the customer in the best conditions.



Our facilities, located in the industrial area of the Cerrajera, in the city of Cuenca, were designed from scratch for the development of our activity.

Hence its suitability as each room, each room has a specific function that facilitates the most of the processing, storage and loading or unloading of products.

We have several cold stores, where fresh produce is stored for later manipulation. In this way the cold chain is not broken at any time. In the cold stores the newly developed products are also stored for later distribution.

In the freezing chambers, we store packaged chicken skewers not served fresh.Thus it is guaranteeing maximum freshness until it reaches the end customer. Transport in these cases, of course, takes place with freezer trucks.

There are also cutting plants, packing room, living kneading process for the chicken skewers, loading bay ... and the latest technology both in quality controls and labeling systems and the final product weighed.


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