Chicken brochettes

Our famous skewers popular among hoteliers and individuals

Mini chicken skewers

With a smaller format and the same quality, made with chicken drumsticks

Chicken skewers


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Ramírez Brothers Company was founded in 1975 with the purpose to prepare products from fresh and quality chicken.

With the evolution of the company, and the whim of the markets, we were specializing our activity in the development of the chicken skewers in any kind of formats.

A very personal marinade, meticulous work and a controlled distribution, have become our skewers in a reference in catering and food sectors.

Following the same line of quality and professionalism, we launched now the LITTLE CHICKEN SKEWERS. A smaller size makes this product ideal for bars and restaurants, and a very handy item to the final customer.  

You can order directly from the web. We hope you like it.

More information

From our factory to your table

You can buy online from home our skewers and mini chicken skewers marinated fresh and frozen.

Where to find

Our facilities are located in the polygon The Cerrajera of Cuenca. He can be reached at telephone +34 969 235 604.

Our marinade

The secret of our success is a special marinade with paprika and chicken thigh to make our better products.

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