We guarantee the highest quality of our chicken products



It is essential to C G Ramírez offer a product with the maximum guarantees of salubrity. The tranquility of putting on the market a 100% reliable product is the key to our success and our continued growth.
Therefore we know and control at all times, the state of our products, since the hen lays the egg to chicken feed and development and the reception in our facilities.
Each chicken treated and placed on the market by CG Ramirez has had a demonstrable track from the time it was born until it reaches the table.

Food security.
Strict hygiene programs, daily cleaning and disinfecting process make our facilities a completely safe place. From the beginning our activity in 1975, each and every one of the periodic health controls have been assessed positively.
It is essential to control all processes, and be meticulous in both hygiene and cold chain and in CG Ramirez, these are points we have in mind at all times. So the customer can rest assured, as we attach a high level of quality and safety.

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